Diary Of A Common Thread

October 18, 2017
CD: Viktoriapark VP 1716

1. Awakening 3:20 5. The Wrong Canvas 5:40
2. The Central Theme 7:30 6. Voluntary Farewell 5:50
3. Inside The Labyrinth 6:47 7. The Common Thread 2:39
4. At Nightfall 7:23

All tracks composed, performed, mixed and produced by Johannes Schmoelling
Artwork: Andreas Rupprecht
Proof-reading: Conrad Gibbons
Mastering: Jonas Behrens

A big thank you to
Kurt Ader (Sound designer from KA Production for his fantastic sound libraries), Philippe Brodu (KORG Division Manager, France), Andreas Rupprecht, Conrad Gibbons and Jonas Behrens for their help and effort once again in this project.

Recorded and mixed at
Red Kite Studio, Wendland, 2017
Mastered at Rietstudio, Berlin, 2017

Instruments used on this record:
KORG KRONOS 2, Roland Jupiter 8,
Dave Smith Mopho x4,
Yamaha Motif 8XS

Das Neue entsteht
durch Wiederholung des Alten,
aber mit Veränderungen, nicht durch Kopie.

The New is created by repeating the Old,
with changes, but not by copying it.

J. S.

© 1998 - 2017 by Johannes Schmoelling